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Guest Blog: Thumbs Up!! By Shirley Goldsmith

Posted: February 6, 2015

Tuesday, January 27, 20l5 was a " banner day" (and I say that with tongue in cheek) for another New England snowstorm that hit our  area.
We all "hunkered down" and prepared for the worst.  I hope most of us had their flashlights, food supplies and perhaps a battery operated radio and their cell phones up to par so that we could get through it without a hitch.  John had written this up in our February bulletin preparing us for this unpleasant event.  
Our kitchen staff,  informed us that they would not be coming  in for the two days that prevented them from being here...but they were busy getting the two days' meals ready for us so that we would not panic and feel like they were abandoning us-----and we know that would never happen here at Golda.  They are a special group of people who think of us first and I want to thank David, Chrissy, Steve and  any  other kitchen help that took care of our needs.
As you have seen over the years and lived through many a winter storm here at Golda, our maintenance men, John, Scott, Aldo and anyone else that gave them a hand, were here for us too, plowing, shoveling and cleaning off the owners' cars so that they did not feel "stuck" for too long.  What a crew.......our hats off to them for their  being here and their attention to another need that they readily accomodate  us for.   THUMBS UP TO YOU ALL......

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