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GUEST BLOG: Cooking demo sparks reflection on the value of senior housing

Posted: August 15, 2012

Yesterday, my Mother-in-law Dropadi Vaswani did the cooking demonstration in the program center kitchen at JCHE's Genesis House.  It was fun, interactive, and delicious.  At one point we had 3 ladies making potato patties like a little factory!   

While the experience was great while it was happening, it's become better and better as I mull it over.  I have never seen my Mother-in-law happier than she was yesterday, doing what she loves (feeding people), getting hugs and praise from the tenants, and describing the experience to her son, husband, and brother.  She kept saying how amazing it is that there is something like this for older people here.  "Only in America" she said several times, do low income older people have such a beautiful place to live and so many interesting things to do.  She is an older woman from India -- a country with NO social safety net and no formalized care for their elders.  If your family doesn't take care of you you die alone, and early.  Seeing JCHE from her perspective really drove home for me the great work we do, and made me feel proud of how well we do it.
Sarah Green-Vaswani is a Resident Services Coordinator at JCHE's Brighton Campus

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Comment by Ruby | 08/22/2012

Wow Mummy! I know how happy this must have made you. and thank you sarah for making it happen.

Comment by santosh lalwani | 08/24/2012

wow your expertise in cooking is now international.
We are proud of you.
Not only you serve here in india you serve every where. Senior citizen will be happy. Lots of love.

Comment by Valecha and Family and Indore Bua | 09/02/2012

We saw the photos and are very happy to see you.