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Grandparents' Day is this week (but at JCHE it lasts all year!)

Posted: September 5, 2012

Grandparents’ Day is this week! The Carter administration declared that National Grandparent's Day would be the Sunday after Labor Day. That makes September 9 the day. 

We all have warm and fuzzy images of gentle souls nurturing their children’s children—spoiling them, reading that same book to them for the 18th time without complaining, listening to their stories with unmitigated interest and joy.  For many of us, those are very real memories.  However, in our modern world with intense geographic mobility and financial pressures, many kids grow up very distant from their grandchildren.  Both sides miss out.

While we can’t possibly make up for that loss, the intergenerational programs at JCHE do fill an important gap.  For the young folks (from pre-school through early 20’s) they have a chance to bond with a grandparent-type and get some of that focused attention we all crave.  For the JCHE residents, the chance to mentor and guide a young person, allowing them to benefit from the experience and accompanying wisdom, is fulfilling.

Generation gap?  Only a remote theory not supported by facts, judging from my visits to any one of our 20+ Generations Together programs. 

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