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Feeling safe even as the storm rages

Posted: January 18, 2011

Sometimes, someone else articulates something simply and clearly that just captures the essence of what you've been trying to say over many weeks with much complicated language.  This week that happened when I heard how one of our Golda Meir House residents experienced last week's blizzard:

"Last night when the blackout occurred during the storm, I wasn’t sure if the power was out in the whole building or just my apartment.  I called Golda's 24-hour emergency number and Rich Lally (Maintenance Supervisor and on-site rep) picked up.  He clarified that it was everyone in the building and that the problem was external.  So that put me at ease.  He called me about 10 minutes after that and said that if I was concerned, I should come downstairs to the dining room and he could turn the TV on with a generator.  Amazing!!!  It is so wonderful knowing that I am safe and cared about at Golda. "


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