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Elected Officials Who Care About Aging in Community

Posted: January 14, 2014

JCHE had an amazingly successful and even inspiring annual meeting Sunday.   Both Newton Mayor Setti Warren and Congressman Joe Kennedy came not only to give greetings, but to listen to our proceedings and to share in our vision of aging in community.

Both leaders are charismatic and thoughtful—from the moment they each walked into the room you could feel the electricity they brought.  Each has command of the range of issues relevant to their position and could switch easily from transportation to global warming to senior housing in an instant!

What stuck with me the most, however, were two things:

  1. The sense of hope they conveyed.  There’s so much cynicism in the world today—Congressman Kennedy said Congress is less popular than root canals—but the mayor and congressman both look to the future with faith in social justice and our ability to work together for a better outcome.  It was so genuine that it was infectious.
  2. Both understood the importance of our work on a personal level.  The mayor went beyond saying the City is happy to have JCHE as a resource—he spoke of valuing each of our residents as treasured members of the Newton community, recognizing that they contribute in so many ways.  The congressman talked about the stories on our website and how our residents have a real home with JCHE, and also how he learned from his grandmother that seniors have the most profound insights on what’s going on in the world.

We are fortunate to have such forward-thinking and committed leaders.  Stay tuned—we will undoubtedly be calling upon them for partnership in the near future.

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