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Don't you hate to constantly be asked for a contribution?

Posted: November 23, 2010

This time of year (although the length of this time seems to eternally be expanding) we are all asked to contribute to this and that excellent cause.  We should give money to feed the hungry, house the homeless, give educational opportunities to those who can’t access them and so on.   All of these are great causes and we all feel torn as we can’t possibly support them all to the extent we’d wish.

Those of us who depend on fundraising to provide the services we so dearly believe in face a constant challenge to “differentiate” between our thoroughly worthy cause and the others.   How do we convey to you why what we do is unique and important enough to break out of the pack?

At JCHE, we drew on the collaborative insights of all our staff—the maintenance mechanics, the administrative assistants, the vice presidents, the social workers and the accountants and everyone else who dedicates their work week to us.  We broke into teams of eight-to-ten and shared our personal views of what made JCHE special and what we thought we should be known for, followed by a whole-group discussion and voting on emphasis.  What emerged was a compelling picture of a highly sophisticated and nuanced shared understanding of what it takes to support people to successfully age.  Everyone had a story of some interaction where they felt that their action had actually made the difference between a bad and a good day/week/month/year for one or more of our residents.  Everyone reported doing something outside of his/her job description and everyone felt proud of doing so—making a difference transcended it all.  Everyone “gets it” and that is hugely significant.

In the coming blog entries, you’ll be hearing about how we take that information and translate it into that differentiation and “case” for funding.  For today, I can share with you how incredibly impressed I am with the remarkable staff and life-giving work we do here at JCHE.  I can assure you that JCHE is extremely worthy of your charitable support.  I hope the residents of JCHE can count on you!

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