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Data supporting senior housing

Posted: April 17, 2012

HUD commissioned a report to understand some of the factors that allow seniors to age in place and avoid institutional care.  Although more research into causality needs to be done, the study found something interesting:  Housing occupied primarily by the elderly seems to have greater success retaining residents until more advanced average ages compared to housing occupied primarily by non-elderly people, even in high poverty neighborhoods.”

They also found:

  • Across all HUD-assisted housing programs, the average age at which elderly households leave assisted housing is 78 years.
  • The average age at end of participation is highest for the Section 202 and other assisted multifamily program types and lowest for vouchers.
  • The proportion staying until at least age 85 was highest in the multifamily program type (30 percent) and lowest in the voucher program type (21 percent).

The data supports what we do—and confirms our observations that providing a supportive, service-rich environment especially geared to the needs of seniors extends the time people live independently in housing. 

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