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Convergence of Messages

Posted: June 18, 2014

Judaism has long embraced the importance of “l’dor vador”—from generation to generation, we transmit our values and our wisdom.

Yesterday, Pope Francis said “sometimes we case the elderly aside, but they are a precious treasure; to cast them aside is an injustice and a terrible loss.”

For Chinese cultures, the oldest person in a family or an organization has the most respect, honor and dignity.

In Greece, old age is celebrated and honored.

In Korea, there’s a celebration of people’s 60th birthday as marking the passage of a person into old age—considered a good thing.

In ancient Rome, Cicero said: "For there is assuredly nothing dearer to a man than wisdom, and though age takes away all else, it undoubtedly brings us that."

 A convergence of messages—I hope folks are listening!

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