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Connie the Hero!

Posted: May 25, 2012

We had a wonderful, fabulous gala on Sunday night.  The food was great, the decorations gorgeous and the company exquisite.  Our honorees—Mickey Cail, Bernard and Faith Kaplan—were gracious and expansive as they reflected their honor right back onto JCHE.

But Connie stole the show!  Connie Rubin, who lives at Coleman House, spoke from her heart about what it means to live in a JCHE community.  She spoke of her fears before coming—she came because she could no longer afford the apartment she had lived in for 20 years and really felt she had no other viable options—but of her joy at life at Coleman.  She talked about the ways a person can be involved – she noted that she could be busy every day.  She talked about the friendships she’s made and the support residents give each other.  She spoke eloquently about how the management staff at Coleman, Robin and Elizabeth, always have their doors and hearts open to residents—and that they are great problem solvers.  She talked about the importance of round-the-clock staff in the building—how when she needed them, they were there in 3 minutes.

Her conclusion left us all breathless:  her children, she said, do not worry about her anymore They know that whatever happens, she’s not alone.


Photo: (left to right) Connie Rubin, a resident of Coleman House, and Merle Grandberg, JCHE Board Chair

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