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Camaraderie at Work

Posted: October 17, 2013

Sometimes we forget to appreciate the intensity of our relationship with colleagues.  We see each other five days a week and deeply share professional goals and accomplishments as well as typically check in on our personal lives.

Last night I had the extreme pleasure of being reminded because a former colleague, from my days working in the Dukakis Administration in the mid-1980’s, was visiting town (she now lives in Austin, Texas).  She reached out to other former colleagues, and she and two others from that group came for dinner.  Although we hadn’t been together as a group for 25 years, there was instant rapport and ease and caring.  We laughed at how each of us had different memories, sometimes conflicting—but always warm and appreciative of what we did together.

I simply can’t stop smiling.  I loved working with Joyce, Hope and Lisa back then and I maintain a high level of admiration for them today—it was rewarding to catch up on their career and private accomplishments and hear their reflections on all of that.  While we had not stayed in touch on a regular basis, the foundation of our connection was strong enough to withstand the time and sporadic quality of our communications.  What a gift.

And so I came to work today and smiled with every encounter.  I hope we’re building the kind of team that we’ll all remember with pride in 25 years.  I’m certainly appreciating afresh every one of my JCHE colleagues today.

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