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Bravo Mayor Walsh!

Posted: January 14, 2015

Bravo Mayor Walsh!


Mayor Walsh’s first State of the City address was impressive on so many fronts.  Listening live, you couldn’t miss his sincerity and commitment to every single person in the City.  While broadly relevant, he chose to focus in on education, innovation and affordable housing.  And within the affordable housing sphere, he called on the state to join him to achieve 2 priorities that align precisely with JCHE’s mission:  promoting housing opportunities for middle-income households and creating homes for our low-income seniors.  He can count on us to be partners in implementing this vision. 

A few quotes from the speech that just made me proud to be working in Boston:

Nothing is more important to me than protecting our most vulnerable neighbors.”  He explicitly included seniors in this group.

I thank leaders like Reverend Jeffrey Brown and Father Jack Ahearn; Commissioner William Evans; and Professor Charles Ogletree for their insight and wisdom in helping guide my response.”  How honest and humble to be able to credit others and to admit you needed guidance.

Bostonians need to know that, at a deep level, we can depend on each other. And when we see injustice, we can and will speak up for each other.”  A beautiful statement about the meaning and role of community.

[Character is] how a nearly 400-year-old city becomes a thriving, healthy, and innovative leader of the 21st century, without forgetting for one second who we are and where we come from.”  Obviously, the respect for our past and implicitly then for our treasured elders is compelling! 

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