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An imbalance of media coverage: where are the articles touting the many accomplishments of local housing authorities?

Posted: November 15, 2011

Amy recently sent this Letter to the Editor to the Boston Globe in response to their coverage of wrongdoings by the Chelsea Housing Authority director.

Like many readers of the Boston Globe, I have been dismayed all week to read, daily, about the excessively high salary and dishonesty in reporting by the director of the Chelsea Housing Authority.  There's simply nothing positive to be said about the facts.  However, I am equally dismayed by the barrage of coverage that the Globe has given to this one instance of abuse—in contrast to the shocking silence about the numerous accomplishments achieved daily by the overwhelmingly hard-working, underpaid and under-resourced housing authorities in Massachusetts.  The Patrick Administration has been the first since Governor Dukakis to recognize the need to invest in preserving the physical and social assets of our state's aging building stock.  The public housing green energy program alone has allowed millions of dollars to be re-directed from water, gas, oil and electric bills towards repairs of roofs, plumbing systems and equipment. The results have been longer life and more efficiency —and these have served as a model for private sector housing.  This abuse should be exposed and the Globe is to be commended for this effort. However, the relentless pursuit of the negative story on page one, while the positive stories of local housing authorities don't even make page 54 (I check!), contributes to society's belief that government can do no right.  This feeds a defeatist agenda at a time when we need to provide support for and resources to the many efforts that are effectively and efficiently meeting the housing needs of many.



Amy Schectman
President and CEO




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