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A response to a CNN report: Senior housing as a viable option

Posted: April 9, 2012

CNN did a story today pointing out that many baby boomers are now turning 65 and having significant responsibilities caring for their parents while sometimes needing support themselves.  In fact, “trying to create the best possible quality of life for an aging relative is ‘the new normal’ for 43.5 million Americans.”  And it can be expected to persist—according to the article, experts say that “with people living longer than ever, this is the first generation that might care for its parents as long as it cared for its children.”

 We know it is happening—the Census Bureau has projected a more-than-quadrupling of Americans over 90 years old by 2050—yet we are not planning to address this onslaught of needs!  While the article advised on an array of supports for people who want to provide care for their aging relatives at home, we know that living in a senior housing community, where some of the supports are built in, can allow the family caregivers to spend their time with elder relatives more meaningfully—leaving the more mundane tasks to the professionals and using the family time for reminiscing, planning outings, visiting with friends and other family members, etc.

Senior housing offers a very viable option that addresses the needs of adult children and their elderly relatives. It's time for this country to build!

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