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A Little Appreciation Goes a Long Way

Posted: January 12, 2012

Tuesday was the day of the dreaded REAC inspection at Golda Meir House. 

This is the day when a team of inspectors spends the day in our building checking every door jamb. It’s not a bad concept -- public funded housing should adhere to the highest operational standards. We do.  However, the nature of inspectors is to find problems, so they come intent to do that. We recognize the importance of doing well, so we prepare, worry, prepare and repeat the cycle.

The inspection went very well, thanks to a great deal of teamwork on site and with guidance from central office.  That level of collaboration is not unusual.  What’s worth noting is that Maxine, Golda’s Executive Director, took the time to write a note to Ken, our organizational director of maintenance, to thank him and to copy me.  Here’s what she said:

Ken: On behalf of Richard and the GMH staff I want to  thank you SO MUCH for being at the REAC inspection today, and supporting us through the past few weeks. As you and I acknowledged, we've been through a lot of ups and downs together in the past 12 years, but when push comes to shove we always manage to pull together for the common goal.  Thank you. 

I haven’t spoken to Ken yet, but I’ll bet he shares my view--getting a note like this one is what makes it rewarding to do our very best.  The return on investment--the amount of good feelings generated compared to the low level of difficulty in writing it--is off-the-charts high. 

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