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A Jewish Organization is a Welcoming Organization

Posted: November 16, 2012

For the past 2 years, when someone questions me about whether JCHE is a Jewish organization, often meaning do we exclude non-Jews, I respond: “JCHE ‘s foundation is Jewish values and we serve all who come to our door.”  This has been JCHE’s policy from the start. So it was special to have this message this weekend when I attended Kehillath Israel and heard Rabbi William Hamilton’s sermon.

Rabbi Hamilton’s remarks were based on this week’s Torah portion (parsha). It described the influence of a non-Jewish priest name Malkitzedek at the time that G-d made the covenant with Abraham, our forefather. The significance of an outsider --  a “foreigner” – at this pivotal time is noteworthy. Rabbi Hamilton sees this encounter as a testament that wisdom comes from all faiths, people and places.  The message to the Jewish people is clear: you are Jews and you are citizens of the world.  Our lives are greatly enriched when we are open to others. 

This is demonstrated daily at JCHE. As an organization we are clear as to our identity. We are proud of our Jewish heritage and traditions and we are continually enhanced by our residents and staff who come from other faiths and who are part of the JCHE family. 

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