Golda Meir House Expansion

Proposed Upper Addition; view from upper parking lot

2Life Communities has been awarded the development rights to a 16,900 square-foot parcel owned by the City of Newton adjacent to Golda Meir House, which will enable us to expand our amazing Golda Meir House community. Golda Meir House currently has 199 apartments and a beautiful new “Village Center” with common spaces such as a dining room, lounge, computer center, store, salon, and fitness center, all renovated in 2017-2018 as part of a complete modernization of the property.

The proposed expansion includes:  

  • 2 additions connecting the new units on every floor to the existing building
  • 68 new apartments, 60 of which will be income-restricted for households up to 30%, 50%, 60% and 100% of Area Median Income (a mix of 1 and 2 bedrooms)
  • 9 apartments designated for chronically homeless individuals, with supportive services provided by Hearth, Inc in collaboration with 2Life staff
  • A new ADA-accessible entrance from the upper parking lot
  • A reconfigured parking lot with approximately 29 net new parking spaces
  • Improved outdoor spaces and gardens

Expanding the Golda Community

The additions will be completely integrated with the management and operations of the existing Golda Meir House with access to award-winning programs and supportive services that include:

  • Resident Services
  • Educational classes
  • Intergenerational programs
  • Senior-specific fitness classes
  • Cultural events
  • Monday-Friday lunch program

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Addressing Local Needs

In addition to creating much-needed affordable housing, the Golda Meir House expansion will create new opportunities for aging in community in Newton. According to the “Newton Leads 2040” Housing Strategy (June 2016), over 5,000 households in Newton are paying over 30 percent of their income for their housing costs, the definition of cost-burdened. In addition, UMass Boston’s January 2018 report “Newton Older Adults” found that approximately 17 percent of Newton residents are age 65 or older and this is projected to increase to 24 percent by 2030. Of these community members over 65, 27.7 percent are living alone and 8.5 percent have an income below the poverty level. The Golda Meir House “Village Center” not only combats isolation for our residents, but welcomes community members to take part in programming.

Show Your Support

2Life appreciates the local support and thoughtful input for the project received to date. In 2016 and 2017, we engaged with neighbors and the City of Newton through a surplussing process to make the water tower parcel available for development and responded to the City’s Request for Proposals. We held two neighborhood meetings in Spring 2018. In December 2018, the City approved a Comprehensive Permit and our proposal for $3.25 million in Community Preservation Act funds. Our next goal is to secure state funding, and strong local support will help our chances. We hope that you will add your name to our petition, if you haven’t already, and take a moment to share it with your friends and neighbors.

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