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No question about it: there's more to conducting than waving a baton!

Residents at Golda and in Brighton had the chance this week to imagine themselves as conductors rehearsing at Symphony Hall when they attended G CLEF (Group Conductor-Led Exercise & Fitness) at JCHE.

Led by a very energetic New England Conservatory student conductor Andres Lopera, participants had the chance to get an upper body workout, spend time with neighbors and enjoy timeless, beautiful music.

How was it received? Tremendously, judging from the many smiles and the intensity in the room as participants meticulously worked to match their movements with the music. Here are some of the comments that were overheard at the close: "brilliant idea", "ingenious", "great workout", "amazing music.'

Hang on to your batons - there will be more G CLEF sessions ahead!

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