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JCHE Coleman House Celebrates Summer With Annual BBQ

Over 70 tenants enjoyed the annual summer barbecue at Coleman House tonight.  Under a cloudless sky, tenants began with wine and snacks on our beautiful flower filled patio.  Golda cook Arsen Pogosyian with help from his daughter, Guyana, cooked up hot dogs and veggie burgers accompanied by potato salad, cole slaw and pickles prepared by Kristina and her crew from the Golda kitchen. 

Our wonderful van driver, Randolph, brought all the food over to Coleman, followed by a group of staff from Coleman, Golda, and Brighton ready and willing to serve, schmooze, and clean up.  After dinner was served, entertainment by singer, Gail Gallagher, was enjoyed by all.

Special thanks to Amy Schectman, and her husband Mitchell, Jessica Boatright and her adorable daughter, Nora, Laura Isenberg, Tamara Litvin, Barbara Friedman, Jessica Hamermesh and her sons, Jacob and Brad, Katherine Sigel and her son Asher, and the Coleman staff for all their work in helping to make the evening a big success.

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