2016 Gala Event

The Art of Community

“Art is for people to share and enjoy.”—JCHE Brighton Resident and Artist Yong Xin Zhao                            

And so it was on November 6 at JCHE’s Gala and Auction celebrating “The Art of Community.”

Over 400 friends joined us at the Royal Sonesta hotel for the celebration! Thanks to our sponsors, table hosts, ticket purchasers and bidders, the evening was a huge success, raising over $400,000 towards programs and services that enrich the lives of our residents.

Our silent auction featured the artwork of our residents – and their moving stories.  Many of the artists joined us for the event, and we hope you had the chance to meet some of them and learn a little about their fascinating lives.

Thanks to Artists for Humanity, guests participated in the creation of two large canvases that captured the spirit of JCHE. The paintings will be on rotation at our 4 campuses.

Aviva Sapers and Judith Sydney received heartfelt honors for their commitment to making our community a better place. In their moving acceptance speech, they stressed that no organization treats seniors like the treasure they are better than JCHE.   

JCHE President and CEO Amy Schectman pointed to the urgency of finding ways to meet the needs of a rapidly growing senior population and how JCHE is leading the way not just in providing affordable housing, but in guaranteeing affectionate and supportive care for older Americans.

And Clara Marton, JCHE Resident Services Coordinator, delivered a moving tribute to JCHE’s Aging in Community model. Speaking with passion, Clara eloquently laid out how JCHE staff connect with residents on an intimately personal level. “They open up to us because they look at us as family,” Clara summed up, before leaving us with a beautiful visual of waltzing with a Brighton resident.

Thank you to everyone who joined us to support JCHE’s vision:  A world where all older adults live a full life of connection and purpose in a dynamic, supportive environment.

Event Co-Chairs:
Merle Grandberg, Donna Kalikow and Bill Sapers

Event Committee:
Aviva Sapers and Judith Sydney 
Stacey and Dr. Marc Nevins
Geraldine Acuna-Sunshine
Gerry and Debra Bickoff
Debby Cohen
Jill Cohen
Laura and Bruce Efron
Lynne and Stuart Elfland
Laure and Hal Garnick
Connie Gilson
Rachel Glazer and Mike Gustat
Francine Godfrey
Arthur Goldberg
Amy and Norman Gorin
Merle and James Grandberg
Mimi and Ron Golub
Jessica Hamermesh
Deborah Mann Jacobs
Donna Kalikow
Faith and Bernard Kaplan
Nancy Karp
Diana Keselman
Bonnie Kornman
Wendy and Dan Kraft
Patti Lebner
Carolynn Levy and Alan Sharaf
Eileen and Bill MacKenzie
Ellen and Bruce Mittman
Susan and Norman Posner
Sarra Reale
Linda and Wayne Saker
Bill Sapers
Enid Shapiro
Candace and Lee Steingisser
Harold and Millie Tubman
Ed Wallack

President and CEO: Amy Schectman
Chair: Bernard E. Kaplan
Vice Chairs: Irma Schretter and Bill Shaevel
Treasurer: Donna Kalikow
Clerk: David Zaltas

A Special Thanks to our Sponsors, whose generosity and support helped make this event possible. 

$10,000 "Curate A Home" Sponsors:

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$5,000 "Build a Foundation" Sponsors:

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tl_files/images/2016 Gala sponsors/$5,000 Level/Wells Fargo logo.png

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