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Considering senior housing options with older relatives? Start with a conversation about finances:
Any discussion about housing options for older adults will quickly lead to a conversation about finances. This guide will look at why the financial conversation is needed and suggestions for how to effectively conduct it.

Considering senior housing options with older relatives? Tips for having an open conversation:
One of the most difficult conversations you are likely to have with an older adult is about housing options. This guide looks at how to engage in the conversation and how to build the case for senior housing.

Considering senior housing options with older relatives? Gathering the financial information: Finances are pivotal in any decision about senior housing. This guide offers practical information for collecting the necessary information and documentation.

The eligibility criteria and cost for senior housing:
This guide offers information and a worksheet to determine whether an individual is eligible for apartments like many at JCHE that are subsidized through HUD.

Mental Health Guide: Tips and Techniques for Supporting Residents with Mental Illness: A Guide for Staff in Housing for Older Adults